Captain Zelnick (captain_hunam) wrote,
Captain Zelnick

[Notes, bulletin board]

[Captain has jotted down notes from the monster post, and will place them in his notebook when he has it back, along with the following bulletin notes]

Meet Xigbar @ breakfast; after-breakfast, Claude, teenaged blond, will wear bandanna. "Gin" ASAP about chem, silver-haired, tall, skinny (also showed interest in speaking with "Usopp"?)

Fashion tip: Charm + devil-may-care + dashing > horrible uniform. :)

"Jr" says human condition prevails.

Rumor: 20th/21st cent. Earth, funny (multiple?) timelines (universes?), no one here is "dead" ("they" can tell. Who are "they"?), aliens undecided on y/n/maybe, ZEX convinced he isn't dead (?)
Tags: ic, notes
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