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Boy, mileage sure does vary

the one with the big starship

7/11/08 01:53 pm - [Tracking, Day 33]

[this space reserved]

5/31/08 10:16 am - Our early morning singing song~ [tracking, nightshift 32]

Captain's Room > Usopp's Room > ...
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5/12/08 02:31 pm - My love and me as we sing~ [Tracking, Day 32]

Breakfast. With Xigbar, because why break the pattern? |D
Therapy with Wilson. Joy.
Lunch, Yuber.
Music room, with CANONMATES! 8D

Bulletin Posts:
Paging: ZEX, Usopp/Sai, Arty, Tamaki, Yuber
Paging aliens and canonmates
Paging Xigbar

Bulletin Replies:

[to be added when I'm not so barely awake :B ]
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5/6/08 01:21 pm - You bring us along~ [Tracking, Night 32]

Leaving kenren and jack to their, uh, "date" > And ZEX is...? > Not here, either... > Ah. here. Getting attacked by a giant cockroach. > *Carries moar* > Getting there~ > Clinic time! > would you like a side of comfort with that hurt, sir? > End nightshift
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4/19/08 08:27 am - [ic, notes]

Day 2:

Catch Yuber tomorrow

Arrange meeting with an "A. F. II"

Doctors? Ask board, & maybe nurse ~ (good behavior = benefits and/or lenience from nurses?)

• Sulfur
• Charcoal

Ask for knife back? Stop delaying culture talk, Zelnick.

[In the back of the notebook is a rough drawing of a VUX]
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4/14/08 04:43 pm - [ooc : notes on stuff I've totally made up to give Zelnick more depth]

- Dad's the scientist, Mom's the officer
-- Dad did more of the raising-our-son, cultural sorts of things (Haiku!)
- Zelnick got into trouble as a kid. With SCIENCE! :D
-- Something with launching oxygen canisters at things |D
- Timeline straightening:
-- Slylandro ("the evil Ur-Quan") before using the Words (they give Captain some perspective on what "evil" is)

4/4/08 05:27 pm - We twinkle below~ [Tracking, Day 31]

Breakfast with Xigbar! Also with flirting~
Library with Claude
Lunch with ZEX (still backthreading)
Game room with Sai

Bulletin Posts
Attn: Pilots!
Attn: Usopp, Sai, & Yuber
Sulfur plz!
Slylandro for the xenophile.

Bulletin Replies
Talking about Earth!
Bunnies = twin gods of pain and death, y/y?
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2/27/08 10:08 am - You twinkle above us~ [Tracking, night 30]

Meeting ZEX > going to Yuber's room > meeting Yuber > knocking on Usopp's door > in Usopp's room > moving > moving > what do you mean, you don't have a weapon? > moving > here, take mine > moving > break moar locks y/y? > STUFF! and theories > ...
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2/22/08 01:18 pm - [Notes, bulletin board]

[Captain has jotted down notes from the monster post, and will place them in his notebook when he has it back, along with the following bulletin notes]

Meet Xigbar @ breakfast; after-breakfast, Claude, teenaged blond, will wear bandanna. "Gin" ASAP about chem, silver-haired, tall, skinny (also showed interest in speaking with "Usopp"?)

Fashion tip: Charm + devil-may-care + dashing > horrible uniform. :)

"Jr" says human condition prevails.

Rumor: 20th/21st cent. Earth, funny (multiple?) timelines (universes?), no one here is "dead" ("they" can tell. Who are "they"?), aliens undecided on y/n/maybe, ZEX convinced he isn't dead (?)
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2/16/08 12:30 am - (written on a scrap of paper and left in his desk)

Log 1?
Allied w/"Yuber" (chem knowledge for protection) last night; tall, yellow-haired, has sword, some kind of electric attack. Stored resources in his room. Quiet, not v. friendly, has weapon-making ally

Breakfast w/"Zigbar". Not MY Earth-- not his world(s), either-- "Nobody?" Something scary, apparently. Nice, explained situation some; friendly?

Riot, started by a "well-liked girl", during breakfast; "lockdown"; stuck in room

Roommate: "General Kenren," goes by name not rank, gave me this paper. Friendly?

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