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Boy, mileage sure does vary

the one with the big starship

2/11/08 09:55 am - The Earth says hello~ [[Tracking, Day 30]]

Breakfast with Xigbar~ > lockdown in M39 > showers with William Birkin (backthreading) > sunroom, talking to his ZEX > om nom nom dinner

Bulletin posts:
Paging Yuber, Xigbar, Usopp, and anyone from the universe HE knows
Aliens y/n?

Bulletin comments:
Helping Anya
Alternate Worlds Theory
Chemicals for Gin
Knives is a power plant!
Fashion tips from the most charming man in the universe
Giving info to the Mothman
Keeping an eye out
Robin Hood, and legends
Monster info thanks
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1/28/08 10:36 pm - Loot!

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1/23/08 09:46 pm - Good morning, starshine! [[tracking, night 29]]

Wakes up > leaves room > move > move > move > meets with Yuber (and is attacked by rats) > moves w/ Yuber > moves w/ Yuber > moves w/ Yuber > Moves w/Yuber > ZOMG CHEMICALS YAY > It's not stealing, it's resource procurement! > Popping over to the-- > Autopsy room! (1) > back to lab > then the decontamination room > moving > moving > moving > and still! > And even now! > in Yuber's room, hiding our acquisitions > and zipped over to the staff patio by Yuber > Food counter, and moar lock breaking > OM NOM NOM > nightshift ends.
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1/11/08 06:19 pm - [OOC post: To-do list]

O Expand profile History, links added; formatted a fancy table, headers, etc.
O Post to Wiki
O Better portrait of Captain? Eh, I have links to all his canon pics and the image I used in my icons.
O Start composing awakening (which will be early nightshift?) Got it mostly done. The rest I'll have to do when nightshift actually happens.
O Level all my Pokémon to 20 Fill in my last two icon slots (OOC icon? Another quote? Earth? Vela? The Vindicator, perhaps? Hmm.)
O Fidget and wait for him to be "introduced" to a nighttime Landel's, heck yeah! :B
O Clean my room so mother won't chuck computer out window
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12/2/07 02:20 pm

la la la testpost


12/1/07 11:09 pm - Application, as requested by YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

Series: Star Control 2: The Ur-Quan Masters
Series' Medium: Computer game

Character you're applying for: Captain Zelnick ("The Captain")
Character's age: 22
Character's gender: Male
Character’s “Real Name”: Caleb Stern

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